Hi! Welcome to éclatant co.
In 2020, the pandemic of the coronavirus shook the entire world. Our daily routines were tossed in the air in one big question mark. It was one of the darkest years for many of us, yet it was also one of huge realization.

During these times, I the founder of éclatant co., worked on the frontlines as a Registered Nurse. Every day I went into work-- constantly confronted with grief, confusion, and frustration. When faced by these emotions over and over again, the only thing I could do to survive was to focus on the positive. I started creating candles first for their comfort, and then these candles turned into a symbol of hope. Hope that no matter how dark times could be, that there was always something bright ahead.

This is when the idea of éclatant co. was born. 

This brand was created with intention-- to celebrate and inspire bright (éclatant) moments. To bring realization that it is through dark times, that bright moments are able to shine even brighter. Our greatest wish is to portray this message through our high quality affordable candles, and that in itself means everything to us.
Thank you for being a part of a dream.
Come, join us on our life journey for some spectacular scent adventures.
The future is so bright.